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comprehensive security software solutions

Discover our suite of innovative software solutions designed to protect, monitor, and optimise security for businesses and organisations of all sizes. With a focus on access control, comprehensive system solutions, precise people and asset tracking, automated entry systems, sophisticated weapons tracking, and military-grade systems, we provide the tools you need to safeguard your assets and operations.
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intelligent access control

Efficiently manage and restrict access based on roles, time, and location.

real-time monitoring and alerts

Receive instant alerts for unauthorised access and potential threats.

comprehensive reporting and analytics

Gain insights with comprehensive reporting and data-driven decision-making.

scalability and integration

Easily scale to your organisation's needs and seamlessly integrate with existing systems.

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unlocking a new level of security excellence

In today's dynamic world, security demands more than just vigilance; it requires precision, efficiency, and adaptability. Our diverse range of specialised software solutions is meticulously crafted to meet the unique security challenges faced by businesses and organisations across various industries. Dive into our world of security software, where innovation and protection converge to redefine the boundaries of safety.

nA1 software suite

netaccess sets new standards with extensive system features that, for the first time, allow the Security, Building and IT Manager to totally integrate all aspects of the modern building or organization. Netaccess modules incorporate Computer Access, Internet Access, Time & Attendance and Asset Management, as well as Engineer Call Center functionality.

These system modules, together with the introduction of Event Planning and ERP (Emergency Response Planning), allow managers to control and integrate a whole range of diverse systems. Supporting the netaccess system modules is a powerful report generator and a unique netaccess profiler.


available software solutions

We offer a diverse range of specialised software solutions tailored to meet specific operational functions.

Access Control Software

Ensure only authorised individuals can access specific areas with precise access control management.

Automated Entry Systems

Streamline entry and exit processes with automation, optimising security and efficiency.

System Solution Software

Seamlessly integrate various security systems to create a unified and efficient defense strategy.

Weapons Tracking System

Gain full visibility and control over weapons inventory, mitigating risks and ensuring compliance.

People and Asset Tracking

Monitor the movements of people and assets within your facilities, enhancing accountability and safety.

Miltary Systems

Elevate security to military standards with specialised systems trusted by defense organisations worldwide.

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