Enhanced Security Pedestrian Gate with door open.


enhanced security pedestrian gate

Automatic Airlock/Mantrap Sally Port Entry System - The Ultimate in Personnel Control of Entry to Secure Installations.
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tailored authorisation options

The ESPG is designed to cater to your unique security needs. It can be equipped with various authorisation technologies, including RFID cards, biometrics, or PIN codes, ensuring that only authorised individuals gain access to sensitive environments restrict access based on roles, time, and location.

versatile sizing and finishing

Whether you require a compact gate for limited spaces or a larger entrance for high traffic areas, the ESPG offers multiple dimensions to suit your facility's layout. Additionally, a range of finishes allows you to seamlessly integrate the gate into your architectural aesthetics.

enhanced access control

With the ESPG in place, you gain precise control over who enters sensitive areas. This not only safeguards against unauthorized access but also improves overall security management, making it an invaluable addition to your security infrastructure.

efficient security implementation

Implementing the ESPG is a streamlined process. Its adaptable design and compatibility with various authorisation technologies ensure a smooth and efficient deployment, minimizing disruptions to your operations while maximizing security.

Man in army uniform sliding his ID card through netaccess's card reader to gain access to the premises


Our Enhanced Security Pedestrian Gate was specifically developed to regulate the entrance of authorised individuals into sensitive environments. The ESPG can be furnished with various authorisation technologies as per your requirement and is available in multiple dimensions and finishes.

cutting-edge security: AI facial recognition for rapid access control

The ESPG provides top-tier physical security. Within its cylindrical pod, a set of HD cameras is paired with our AI facial recognition module. This module preloads user credentials before card swiping, significantly expediting security procedures.
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unauthorised access detection

In this image, our Enhanced Security Pedestrian Gate showcases its unparalleled capabilities. The gate's integrated AI-powered cameras have detected a breach in security as two individuals attempt to pass through simultaneously, clearly displayed with colored overlays. One person, marked in blue, carries an ID label and a bag, while the other, in red, is unknown to the system and is flagged as a security risk. This swift identification ensures immediate action to maintain the integrity of your access control.

precise unauthorised access detection

Our Enhanced Security Pedestrian Gate employs advanced AI technology to instantly detect unauthorized access attempts, preventing potential security breaches.

customisable alerts and actions

Tailor the gate's response to breaches, from sounding alarms to locking down access points, ensuring swift security protocol enforcement.

comprehensive access records

Maintain a detailed log of all access attempts, helping with post-incident analysis and security improvements.

enhanced baggage screening

Identify and flag individuals carrying bags, enabling thorough security checks in compliance with your facility's policies.

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