NA1 Management System

our comprehensive iP - based security management platform

netaccess security works with you to design a system to meet your individual needs and budget. We provide everything you need from a state of the art access control solution to asset tracking with integrated security management.
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Our system boasts a huge range of functions catered to suit even the most demanding environments.


NA1 is the product of 20 years of continual development. Our system is currently in use in some of the worlds biggest enterprises.


Netaccess see innovation as a key part of its offering.Which is why over our 20 years in business, we’ve continually invested morethan 20% of our revenue into our R&D budget.

man holding computer with futuristic icons portraying how netaccess's management systems work seamless together

why NA1?

NA1 is our inhouse system management suite which lies at the core of our offerings. The software manages communications between all the different security systems and acts as a central management hub for administrators and system users.

We specialise in custom system design and with our unique plug & play system functionality, netaccess can provide solutions for even the most complex industry challenges

managing your security assets with nA1

In the realm of asset management, precision and simplicity are paramount. Our system excels at managing your security assets, offering seamless asset tracking capabilities. Designed to empower your organization with efficiency, it ensures that tracking your valuable assets becomes a straightforward and accurate process. Whether you're overseeing security systems, access control, or other critical assets, our system simplifies the task, providing you with comprehensive control and real-time visibility.

trackable assets

event management

NA1 streamlines event management, providing real-time insights into security incidents and enabling swift responses to potential threats. Customize event triggers and responses to align with your security protocols.

room booking

Streamline room booking and access management with NA1. Securely allocate resources, control room access, and enhance the overall efficiency of your facility.

CCTV integration

Seamlessly integrate CCTV systems into NA1 for comprehensive surveillance and monitoring. Access live feeds, review recorded footage, and receive alerts for suspicious activities, all from a single platform.


Our NA1 system seamlessly manages access control readers, ensuring that authorized individuals gain entry while maintaining a secure environment. Gain granular control over who can access specific areas and when.

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control boards

Control boards are the nerve center of your security infrastructure, and NA1 manages them with precision. Monitor and configure control boards for optimal performance, ensuring a robust defense.

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NA1 security software

The NA1 security software itself is a powerful asset, acting as the central hub for managing your security ecosystem. Leverage its intuitive interface to configure, monitor, and optimise your security systems.

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