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Powering Intelligent Event Control

Welcome to our Control Boards page. Our latest in-house developed Intelligent Event Controller 3 is designed to connect all of your institution's devices seamlessly to our NA1 management system. Discover how our control boards can elevate your control and automation systems to a whole new level.

Streamlined Automation

Achieve a new level of automation and efficiency as our PCB boards seamlessly connect devices and systems within your institution.

Real-time Event Processing

Respond swiftly to critical events with the Intelligent Event Controller 3's real-time processing, enhancing security and control.

Centralised Management

Benefit from centralised management through NA1, simplifying device control and reducing operational complexities.

Future-Ready Solutions

Invest in scalable solutions that adapt to your institution's evolving technology needs, ensuring long-term relevance.

key features of our control boards

Our control boards are engineered for advanced connectivity, seamlessly integrating a diverse range of devices and sensors. This feature empowers your institution with the ability to create interconnected systems that streamline operations and enhance control, ensuring a more efficient and intelligent environment.

advanced connectivity

Our PCB boards provide advanced connectivity options, ensuring seamless integration with a wide range of devices and sensors.

intelligent event control

The Intelligent Event Controller 3 is a powerhouse of intelligence, capable of processing and responding to events in real-time, enhancing your control capabilities.

NA1 Integration

Seamlessly connect our PCB boards to the NA1 management system, enabling centralized control and monitoring of all your institution's devices and systems.


Our PCB boards are designed with scalability in mind, accommodating future expansions and technology upgrades with ease.

Our control boards


Our latest RRI3 Remote Reader has undergone a remarkable transformation. Packed with smart functionality, it takes offline event management to new heights. This intelligent device can autonomously process and respond to events based on predefined rules, reducing the need for constant monitoring. Plus, it offers enhanced connectivity options for seamless integration with your systems when network coverage is available. Whether in industrial manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, education, or logistics, the RRI3 ensures that critical offline events are efficiently managed, making your operations smarter and more responsive.


Industrial Manufacturing


Healthcare Facilities

Logistics and Supply Chain


Our Remote Reader Interface (RRI) is meticulously crafted to offer cost-effective control over access and alarm management. Designed with efficiency in mind, it provides a streamlined approach to managing access permissions and monitoring alarm systems. This user-friendly interface not only optimizes operations but also minimizes costs, making it a valuable addition to any organization seeking a reliable, budget-conscious solution for access and alarm management.


Small Businesses

Multi-Unit Residential Complexes

Educational Institutions

Retail Stores


At the core of your network security installation lies our Event Controller 3 (EC3), a robust solution that seamlessly connects all your devices into our NA1 software. This central hub is the linchpin of your security infrastructure, orchestrating the coordination and communication between various devices. With the EC3 in place, you gain unparalleled control over your network security, ensuring that every component works in harmony to protect your digital assets. Whether it's monitoring access points, responding to security alerts, or maintaining a vigilant watch over your network, the EC3 ensures that your network security remains both comprehensive and responsive.


Corporate Environments

Data Centers

Healthcare Facilities

Critical Infrastructure

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