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Version 4.4 provides a range of features upgrades options and system enhancements including:

WTS Handheld+:                           The Handheld+ module allows both rfid and
                                                                biometric credential management, and issue
                                                                control together with powerful inventory and
                                                                audit checking functions increasing audit
                                                                speed and accuracy.
                                                                NA1 WTS system module launched in 2007 is
                                                                now in use in armories and supply warehouses
                                                                around the world providing a powerful range
                                                                of features and mobile functionality including
                                                                mobile issue, inventory, conditional issue and disposal.
Bio Guard Tracker:                       The latest version of netaccess Biometric guard
                                                             tracking system allows the track and credential
                                                                biometric (fingerprint, iris etc) verification of
                                                                guard activity at locations or mobile against
                                                                preset scheduled or system user plans and tours
                                                                or scheduler based imported i.e. Intime.
                                                                Further modules allow the integration with mobile
                                                                hardware such as the netaccess bio handheld.
                                                                When used with the Asset tracking module the
                                                                in addition to functions such as guardtour, time
                                                             & attendance specific asset or hardware, weapons
                                                                can be exchanged a shift change ensuring full audit trail.
                                                                The NA1 Bio and Asset modules are used by a wide
                                                                variety of customers in government, military, law
                                                                enforcement and commerce tracking guards, inventory
                                                                & assets providing accurate management data to
                                                                support a large number of user scenarios.
Zone/Room Booking:                  NA1 Version 4.4 incorporates the NA1 enhanced
                                                             zone/room booking module allowing temporary
                                                                access to specific areas for any system user from
                                                                a date/time to a date/time. This feature is utilised
                                                                to provide temporary access or planned access to
                                                                areas including meeting rooms, accommodation
                                                                areas, areas with different security areas etc.
People Count:                                  netaccess launch NA1 people count module - this
                                                                new module works in association with irisys thermal
                                                                counting technology and provides active counts into
                                                                areas/zone locations together with a powerful set
                                                                of reports for statistical analysis as well as alarms
                                                                for minimum, maximum counts.

Africa Port Secured with netaccess

Africa Port Security Enhanced - netaccess ACCR & ANPR Modules
Kudumba Investments Lda. has been operating in Mozambique since 2006;
offering the best and latest technologies associated with their security service
provision at the Border points of Mozambique. In line with this policy in 2011
Kudumba commenced project with netaccess to install a number of netaccess
UVSS systems at the port of Maputo together with the netaccess License Plate
(ANPR) and new Container Recognition System (ACCR) to provide a complete
track and trace of trucks and containers both entering and exiting the port.


netaccess system expands within CITB

The NA1 management system located at the HQ controls all office complexes at the campus, accommodation blocks and the regional offices.
Currently the system controls over 200 hundred doors and will be expanded further in 2013 when an additional extension to the accommodation comes on line in October 2013.
SSD carried out a small installation using NA1 Lite for the CITB back in 2007 to monitor students and staff using the staff restaurant. In 2010 the site was upgrades to incorporate all the various office areas across the large HQ site. In 2011 to secure the regional offices from Bridgend in Wales to Inverness Scotland.
The system was further expanded in 2012 to operate the new accommodation blocks at Bircham Newton, which operates using the netaccess NA1 hotel/accommodation room booking module.